Kovachevski: I’m the leader of the concept for a European Macedonian future!


In his address to the citizens at a public meeting in Prilep, Macedonian  Prime Minister and party leader of the ruling SDSM Dimitar Kovachevski said that he was the leader of the concept of “European Macedonia”, which means the protection of the Macedonian tradition and identity and a secure European future, for a better life for all citizens.

“The country today has two concepts, one of which I am the head of, that is the concept of a European Macedonia. It is a convention that means a European future, with our heads held high, protected Macedonian language, protected identity, let’s sit at the big table in Brussels, equal. The other concept is that of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, which leads the country in isolation and returning to the past, for the people to sit alone, at odds with the world, with the EU,” said Kovachevski, adding that the country could become a member of EU by 2030.

The PM added that SDSM is the guardian of the Macedonian tradition and the leader of the Macedonian European future.

“That is the true patriotism today! We are guardians of the Macedonian tradition and bearers, leaders of the Macedonian European future. Today we are all on the right side, that is the side of progress, development and integration,” Kovachevski said.


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