SCPC stops procurement of 200,000 Chinese anti-COVID-19 vaccines with an intermediary Hong Kong-based company


The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption decided on Tuesday at a session to stop the proceedings following the report submitted by VMRO-DPMNE regarding the Government’s contract for the procurement of 200,000 vaccines against COVID-19 from the Chinese company “Sinopharm” in 2021 through an intermediary “phantom” company “Stabri International” based in Hong Kong.

“Although it was rumored in the public that this was illegal, in reality in Macedonia at that time there was no legal basis. The government made a decision in a closed session and tasked the Minister of Health Venko Filipche. He acted, the money was transferred for the purchase of vaccines, but after a reaction from the Chinese side, the funds were reimbursed. There is no damage to the budget and we, as a commission, have nothing more to do, that is, we have no basis to submit to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. That’s why I propose that the Commission stop the proceedings on this case”, said the SCPC member Goran Trpenoski.

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