Tripunovski reveals a new scandal: Minister Nikolovski issued an illegal document for the lease of agricultural land


Today we reveal another scandal of the Minister of Agriculture Ljupcho Nikolovski, related to the lease of state-owned agricultural land. Namely, with Ljupcho Nikolovski’s signature, construction land in the construction area of ​​the City of Skopje is allocated as agricultural land, pointed out president of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Cvetan Tripunovski at a press briefing on Wednesday.

“The contract was made between the Ministry of Education and Culture signed by Nikolovski and a certain Imer Nuhi. With this contract, Nuhi receives 1,564 square meters of construction land, on the grounds that he leased state-owned agricultural land for a period of 70 years for planting hazelnuts. The lessee gets the right to construction land in an urban zone for a fee of MKD 5,745 per year. The fact that a square meter of construction land in this area costs from 150 euros and above, that is, for the whole plot over 250,000 euros, also indicates that there are serious indications of crime,” Tripunovski stressed.

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