Both Bulgarian clubs in Macedonia should be closed, and a new one should not be allowed, says Mickoski


Speaking about the amendments to the law on associations and foundations, the leader of the largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE, HristijanMickoski, elaborated in an interview withRepublikanews outlet that his party was the initiator of these amendments and that ‘the clubs should be closed immediately, because the Macedonian club that was opened in Bulgaria it was immediately closed’.

Mickoskifurther explained the dilemmas that appeared in the public about whether he requested the closure of the “VanchoMihailov” club or only the “Tsar Boris III”.

“The shutdown of the Bulgarian clubs is not because someone was a collaborator or was not with a regime. It is because of political reciprocity. If the Macedonians in Bulgaria cannot have their own club where they can organize themselves culturally or have rights that are the result of the judgments of the court in Strasbourg, I do not see any reason why these 1500 citizens of Macedonia who declare that the Bulgarian language is their native, to have such a club and organize in Macedonia,”Mickoski said.

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