Photovoltaic power plant “Oslomej-1” to produce 15 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually


The CEO of AD ESM Vasko Kovachevski and the director of energy in Europe from the EBRD Gregosh Zelenski visited the photovoltaic power plant “Oslomej-1” of 10 megawatts based in Kichevo, the construction of which was financed with a favorable credit line from the EBRD and which is already functional.

“This photovoltaic power plant means a quick but fair transition of electricity generation from polluting energy, coal-fired electricity generation, to renewable electricity sources. “Oslomej-1”, the photovoltaic power plant is the first example in South-Eastern Europe for the transition and construction of photovoltaic power plants on old ore deposits. “Oslomej-1” has a planned production of 15 gigawatt-hours per year and, after the trial operation, it will be put into regular operation and electricity production. As part of the green agenda, we plan to start the procedures for “Oslomej-2” with an installed capacity of 10 megawatts and the photovoltaic power plant “Bitola-1″ of 20 megawatts, which will also be located on the old mine sites. deposits in the vicinity of REK Bitola,” said ESM director Vasko Kovachevski.

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