“Only” 200 certificates from Shtulov University were contested, says rector


At the University of Southeast Europe, due to a technical administrative error, certificates were issued with the wrong indication of the title, that is, the title, and not diplomas, Rector Abdulmenaf Bexheti explained on Tuesday to a journalist’s question, on the topic of whether the institution has issued disputed documents for graduation. According to Bexheti, there are about 200 such certificates.
“That’s a half-truth. For the period between 2008 and 2010, there was no state decree regulating the qualifications and professions in that section. So that since November 2010, the decree was adopted, that is, the decision identifying the names of the titles and the differences in the seventh degree and the sixth degree. However, it is not that diplomas have been issued, let’s be clear, they have been issued with the number of transfer European ECTS credits, where it says 180 ECTS credits, that means it is equal to three-year studies (Bachelor’s Degree).
“However, one wants to interpret them that way, just to somehow introduce confusion. But again, I say it’s a half-truth, some of them are right, because already in 2012, when it was regulated, that is, in 2011, the application of the decree, that is, the decision, began. When it was regulated, between 2011 and 2012, there were such cases where the certificates were issued with a wrong indication of the title, i.e. title VII-1. However, from 2012 onwards, everything is fine. In essence, there is no mistake, there is a technical administrative error in that entire period and the number of diplomas is not 437, but it is less than 200. However, no matter how many diplomas it is, it is fine. They are not diplomas, but certificates,” said Rector Bexheti

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