Experts conducted all the necessary inspections and analyzes for the traffic accident near Laskarci, claims Judicial Expertise Bureau


The Bureau for Judicial Expertise submitted to the Basic Criminal Court Skopje a notification regarding the super-expertise for the case with K. no. 1407/09 related to the traffic accident near the village of Laskraci, in which they state that: “The team of experts in charge of the specific finding, in the past period after receiving the case, inspected the submitted documents, analyzed the previous expert findings and opinions, analyzed the statements of the experts given at the main hearing and their clarifications, and most of all the undisputed and unopposed circumstances in the previously prepared expert reports as well as the circumstances on which the experts do not agree in the previous two findings,” reads the press release issued by the Basic Criminal Court –Skopje on Tuesday.

The Bureau informed the Court that the experts have so far conducted all the necessary inspections and analyses, and after deriving the conclusions from the conducted inspection of the vehicle, they will finalize the preparation of the super-expert report and the case, with all the documents, will be returned for further processing.


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