Heating plants continue to operate on gas even after January 1, signed contract with “Balkan Utilities”


The heating plants in Skopje and larger production facilities will continue to operate on natural gas. The energy will be procured from the Bulgarian company “Balkan Utilities”, for which ESM Sales signed a contract on Tuesday.

The company informed that the Bulgarian company offered a price of 115.97 e/MWh for January and made an offer for supply until May, and Makpetrol offered a price of 116.20 e/MWh.

“The contract for the delivery of natural gas for the month of January is at a price of 115.97. The same company gave a supply offer until 1/5/2023, and will give monthly price offers before the beginning of each month. The previous supplier, Makpetrol Prom-Gas, offered a price of 116.20e/MWh, which was not fixed, that is, it is subject to corrections for January. The third bidder A.P.M.P. HandelsGes did not give a complete offer,” ESM Sales said.

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