Lazarov: We have to change our mentality and go for victory in every game


The men’s handball team of Macedonia lost to Croatia with 40:34 in the first match of the Croatia Cup which was played in Porech, although the difference could have been much smaller, however, in the finish Macedonian handball players conceded three goals and the difference returned to six for the most part of the duel, he maintained the home selection.
“A welcome match against a TOP 5 national team with players like Cindric, Duvnjak, Karacic, etc. who play in the big club, a national team that will attack at a high level. I can be partially satisfied with what we have shown, although we can regret some things that we need to fix and be even better. It angered me the most after the last time-out, where we had three points, and in a minute and a half it ended up being six goals, and that’s not a realistic image. However, that’s the sport and this is a preparatory match and we have to learn so that things like this don’t happen to us at the World Cup. The match is played up to 60 minutes, it is not the same to lose by three or six points. We will analyze well and I hope we will learn a lot from this match with a national team that has been at the top of European and world handball for years,” said Lazarov

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