Talevski: Norway is the favorite for gold, but we also know how to play handball, we don’t give up against anyone


As the selector and the captain said, it is true that we have a difficult group, but as the selector said, we will not give up against anyone, said the defender of the Macedonian handball national team, Filip Talevski.

We know all the teams well, we know the quality they have, we had a lot of time to prepare and I think we did it quite well. The first match is against Norway, where they are favorites to win gold, but that shouldn’t bother us, every national team plays handball these days, and we showed in those qualifiers that the selector and the captain mentioned, that when it’s difficult we can and we know, so we shouldn’t be afraid of anyone, we should do our best in every match step by step and make a surprise like some selections do,” Talevski pointed out.

“We simply became a modern national team with a lot of running and a lot of goals scored. We need to focus more on defense and with that transition like against Israel and Croatia we showed that we know how to run and we are ready, youth allows us to do that,” added Talevski.

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