Stoilkovski: Kovachevski should say what tasks he will get from Ali Ahmeti,did they make deals on businesses or new betrayals?



Dimitar Kovachevski has to say today what was agreed upon in Tirana, where it was agreed again and policies for Macedonia were agreed upon, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovskitold a press conference on Wednesday.

“No one believes that parties from the coalition with Kovachevski traveled to Tirana only for a New Year’s lunch, as they said. The silence of Kovachevski, Zechevikj and SDS about the meeting in Tirana is only an additional confirmation that this meeting is at the request of Kovachevski to save his career, help to extend his term, and in return to realize other agendas to the detriment of Macedonia. Kovachevski is a servant of Ali Ahmeti’s interests. With this, Ahmeti threw a lifeline to save Kovachevski’s political career! State issues and national interests must be brought up in Macedonia and in the Parliament,” Stoilkovski pointed out.

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