Half a million EUR spent on Kovachevski’s advisers and his sub-secretariats, accuses Levica


The Government announced the salaries and names of the associates and advisers employed in the three sub-secretariats of the Government. For the needs of Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski, 15 external collaborators and about 25 more collaborators and advisers in the three sub-secretariats have been hired and paid with taxpayers’ money, the opposition party Levica said on Tuesday.

“A large number of ZoranZaev’s former advisers were on the lists, even though SDSM promised to reduce the number of advisers to the prime minister. The government will pay them copyright contracts for specific tasks, which nebulously cannot be provided by the excessive and partisan administration, and the people will pay about half a million euros a year for them,” said Levica.

ZoranVerushevski, advisor for national security, will again receive the highest fee, in the net amount of MKD 74,618, and LjubeBoshkovski is also on the list. Professors, “experts”, businessmen and journalists will advise the government and cooperate with it.

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