Transparency International: The Western Balkans is slowly dealing with organized crime


The Western Balkans is known for its weak resistance to organized crime, the states are slow to solve that problem, and the institutions still do not have adequate resources and independence, the international organization Transparency International assesses in the report on the perception of corruption in the public sector for 2022.

Of the countries in the region on the global list, Montenegro ranks best, Kosovo and North Macedonia show the most progress, and Bosnia and Herzegovina has the worst index.

Serbia went down five places to 101st position with an index of 36, its worst score in 11 years, mainly due to “the constant weakening of the rule of law and the growth of autocracy”.

The report states that the recent escalation of tensions between Serbia and Kosovo has increased security risks in the region, undermining cross-border cooperation that is crucial to the successful fight against organized crime.

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