Mickoski: The SDSM-AA coalition is just for show, they don’t even believe in it themselves


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski equates the announced possible new government coalition with the joining of the Alliance for Albanians with a show and assesses that it has no capacity for reforms. He is still optimistic about snap parliamentary elections and believes that the supporters of the government majority, who are “dissatisfied with the situation”, will not support the ministers proposed by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski. That, Mickoski says, will give an answer as to whether there will be snap elections or whether regular elections will be held.

“Theoretically speaking, according to Kovachevski’s wishes, DUI and those who are now joining this Government, let’s say even if there are no snap elections, we have somewhere around 10-11 months until the Government would work. Does anyone in Macedonia believe that in these 10-11 months something can be done, to improve the quality of life, the standard of citizens, to carry out structural reforms? Even they themselves don’t believe in it and that’s why I equate this new coalition with a show, in which these politicians who join this government variety coalition have only one goal, and that is to please a few around them and arrange a few more tenders to they can rob the people. There is no capacity for reforms there because I have not seen such a thing in these 5.5 years while SDSM is in power,” Mickoski said during a visit to the Karbinci Municipality.

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