Nikoloski: Suspicion of crime and corruption, Government buys gas at a 40% higher price than the stock price, and why is there always one bidder in MEC Bitola’s tenders?


The energy situation, unfortunately, is followed by ignorance on the one hand and on the other hand by great crime and corruption. Two examples for today to bring up two big topics. One is the purchase of gas at a price at least 40% higher than the stock market price, and secondly, why is there always one bidder in Mining and Energy Combine Bitola’s tenders, VMRO-DPMNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski told reporters during his visit to Bitola.

Nikoloski pointed out that the responsibility for that is at the highest level, because the purchases are made directly by the state ELEM, i.e. the Government.

“It is a huge scandal. ESM signed an agreement with questionable companies from Bulgaria for the purchase of gas at a fixed price of 99 euros per mwh, although today on Kupex, as a relevant stock exchange for the entire SEE, the price is 59 euros. So, only today the difference is around 40 euros per MWh, or over 40% is the difference between what the state purchases and what taxpayers’ money is spent on,” Nikoloski said.

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