Three-year ban for entering the country and EUR 300 fines for Bulgarian citizens arrested at the border


The three Bulgarian citizens who were detained at the Deve Bair border crossing on Saturday after trying to physically attack policemen were fined 300 euros and deported, as well as banned from entering the country for a period of three years, the Macedonian Ministry of Interior announced late Saturday night.

“Around 12:45 p.m. at the Deve Bair border crossing, there was a violation of public order and peace by the 35-year-old Mr. Z., 50-year-old A. H. and 54-year-old R. H. Bulgarian citizens who first behaved verbally, impudently and inappropriately with the most derogatory words, and then tried to physically assault the police officers who were taking official actions, during which they were detained and work is being done to completely clear up the case,” the Macedonian Ministry of Interior announced earlier.

This comes after the process in the Kriva Palanka court for the detained Bulgarian citizens after the incident at the Deve Bair border crossing ended. The three arrested Bulgarian citizens were charged with the offense of “disturbing public order and peace”. Among them is the MP of Bulgarian “Vazrazhdane” party Angel Georgiev.


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