First cystic fibrosis patient dies, Blagojche did not get the Trikafta medication


The most seriously ill patient from the rare cystic fibrosis disease, Blagojce Ilievski, has died on Wednesday. The sad news was confirmed by the Cystic Fibrosis Association.

“I believe that I am in that group of eight patients who are in the most difficult state of health and that we would have received it first, but the reasoning that the procedure will be longer until the procurement takes place, somehow discouraged us. Since the last time we talked, and that was towards the end of November, I was hospitalized once again… I really only have to hope that I will wait to start therapy with Trikafta,” were Blagojche’s last words, after suffering from cystic fibrosis for 10 years.

Health Minister Bekim Sali said Wednesday morning that he still did not know when the Trikafta medication will be available. He stressed that the articles of the laws that should be changed in order to be able to provide therapy directly through negotiations with the manufacturer have been detected.


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