Over 20 people arrested in a major police raid, drugs and weapons found


Twenty-six people were arrested in a coordinated police operation, the Macedonian Ministry of Interior informed on Sunday.
According to the Ministry of Interior, searches were carried out on 53 people who were known to be involved in drug and weapons smuggling. 46 houses and utility rooms, 7 apartments, 5 passenger motor vehicles and 2 business buildings were searched in 29 municipalities and in Skopje.
In the raid coordinated by the Criminal Police Department, and carried out in cooperation with the departments of internal affairs, house and other premises were searched – 3 people in the area of Skopje, 5 in Kumanovo, 8 people in Ohrid, 10 people in Bitola, 5 people in Strumica, 6 people in Veles, 6 people in Tetovo and 10 people in Shtip.

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