Adviser to the Kosovo PM threatens: If there is a Serbian community in Kosovo, there will also be an Albanian community in Macedonia


The advisor to Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Evis Hoxha, believes that if the international factor in the framework of the dialogue for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia insisted on the formation of the community of Serbian municipalities in Kosovo, then this will encourage similar demands among other communities in the region. Hoxha believes that North Macedonia will be the first to be hit, where the Albanian community can come up with a similar request for a union with Albanian municipalities by publishing a map on which such a union can be extended.
Hoxha believes that the blame for increasing tensions in the region should be borne by those who propose the formation of a Serbian community in Kosovo.
According to the advisor, it is possible for the Albanians from North Macedonia to follow the example of the Serbs by setting up road barricades to force the government in Skopje to accept a community of Albanian municipalities.

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