Bulgaria did not allow the registration of Macedonian club “Nikola Vapcarov”


The Macedonian cultural club “Nikola Vapcarov” reported that they were refused registration after they submitted the basic documents of the association of the same name to the Registration Agency in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria on February 7.
– We will appeal this refusal to the court. On February 10, we received a decision to refuse registration, which means that our association is denied legitimacy and is banned, reads the message signed by Atanas Maznev.
The Macedonian cultural club “Nikola Vapcarov” – Blagoevgrad was opened on a private initiative at the end of October last year, and recently the storefront of the club was broken and four people were detained in connection with the incident. The goals of the association, declared by the club, are: “cultural communication between the peoples and countries of the Balkans for peace and good neighborliness, as well as the support of universal human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.”

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