analysis: Huge annual growth in food costs, bread and cereals up almost 40 percent


Food prices are not decreasing despite all the Government’s measures. Citizens react that every time they go to the store, they are faced with more expensive food items. However, the State Statistics Office recorded stabilization of prices in January compared to December and even a decrease of 0.1 percent. But if we look at the growth of costs on an annual level, the situation is completely different. The costs of food and soft drinks in January 2023 are as much as 25.1 percent higher than in January 2022.

Based on inflation data from the State Statistics Office – SSO, the website calculated that what could be bought for MKD 1,000 in January 2021 cost MKD 1,092 in January 2022, and already today those MKD 1,092 have become a cost of MKD 1,366.

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