How did a counter worker in Grubi’s family company became the owner of a profitable business and why the director from DUI did not report a luxury hacienda, asks VMRO-DPMNE


Obviously, criminality is the main link of the ruling SDSM and DUI in the Government, and the members of DUI and their First Deputy Prime Minister ArtanGrubi, instead of reacting nervously, should explain to the public how a counter worker in Grubi’s family company became the owner of a company for petrol pumps, VMRO-DPMNE said on Monday.

It is problematic how the company Metrolab received accreditation from the Bureau of Meteorology headed by MeritaMustafi, part of the DUI staff, after only four months of its establishment? At the same time, VMRO-DPMNE also asks how the owner of this company, which enters into profitable business with the Government, remained working as a counter worker in the Grubi travel agency and is he behind this operation, and his employee is just a front?!

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