Secret freelance fees revealed in the Ministry of Political System


One of the last built baroque buildings in the center of Skopje houses the youngest ministry in the Government, the Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations.
Over 350 people work there, and according to the state budget, additional employment is projected for this year, as well.
But probably this small “army” of people was not enough, so last year more were hired, and 160 thousand euros were paid for it.
Last year, this Ministry, which is managed by the Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, had a total budget of about 4 million euros, which this year is larger by about 300 thousand euros.
Only during 2022, on four dozen occasions, through two copyright agencies Artpick and License MK 2000, various amounts were paid: From 22 thousand denars to over 300 thousand denars per month for “other contractual services”, which is a code under which, most of the time, freelance engagements are conducted.

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