It took three days for the HIF to discover the cyber-attack, it doesn’t reveal whether it paid ransom to get the data back


The director of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) Magdalena Filipovska-Grashkoska said that they first reported that the system had technical problems, and after three days they determined that they had a cyber-attack. There are no details on who carried out the attack, and it is claimed that no one stole the data. According to the director, the HIF works responsibly, and considers hacking as normal in N. Macedonia because, as she added: “cyber warfare is nothing new”.
“An investigation is underway into all the details. All health and personal data are secure. The systems of the HIF are almost back to normal, the salaries of healthcare workers and maternity have been paid,” said The HIF director Filipovska-Grashkoska.
Asked if the Fund returned the data by paying the demanded ransom, Filipovska-Grashkoska did not reply.

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