The husband gets a job, in order to hire his wife – the Prosecutor’s Office is DUized and familialized


Abazi, who in a suspicious way became the head of the PPO, will now hire his wife as a prosecutor in the same way, while he is the PPO head. In no other democratic state in Europe or anywhere else in the world does the husband who is elected to the position of head of the PPO hire his own wife in the institution he manages. This is only in Macedonia under the rule of DUI, supported by SDS, accused opposition VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Thursday.

“Did Abazi become the head of the PPO, so that his wife could also become a prosecutor, as well as other personnel close to DUI and SDS? How can the citizens wait for justice when the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office are intertwined by family party employees who are loyal to the party and not to the state,” noted the largest opposition party.

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