Market Vision poll: Over 60 percent of the citizens would go out to vote in the elections tomorrow, VMRO-DPMNE’s lead is stable


About half or 54.2% of the respondents believe that the elections should be held in the regular term in 2024. Almost two-thirds or 61.3% of respondents would vote if elections were held tomorrow. According to the rating of the political parties and their leaders, VMRO-DPMNE and its leader Hristijan Mickoski remain in the lead, according to the survey conducted by the Market Vision agency on 1,200 respondents.

This survey showed that the public has less and less faith that political parties are capable of implementing economic progress and development or leading a good foreign policy. When asked which political party has the capacity to create and implement the best economic program for Macedonia, 12.9 percent of respondents gave preference to VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM was trusted by 9.9 percent, and Levica by 3.4 percent.

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