Mickoski: The Government signed a contract with a company that it itself labeled as criminal


It is important to the government who will be the supervisor of corridors 8 and 10a, so that he can sign what they tell him and not what is actually happening on the ground, that is, to be able to bid for amounts that will then be paid by the citizens, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, asked related to the scandal with the Spanish company Eptisa.

“22 million euros is the tender for supervision, for the supervision of projects related to corridor 8 and 10a, which is won by a Consortium from a company that includes the Spanish Eptisa. In November 2020, the government brings a conclusion in which it instructs municipalities and state institutions not to sign supervision contracts for projects larger than a million euros with the Spanish company Eptisa due to unethical, illegal behavior,” Mickoski said.

The opposition leader also pointed out that in November 2021, four months after the passage of the special law in the parliament, the Ministry of Transport and Communications “over-synchronized” the Government and gave a positive reference to the company, which then won the tender with an amended audit report.



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