Jewish Community and the Holocaust Fund of the Jews of Macedonia send reaction to the Strumica Carnival


On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the commemoration of the deportation of the Jews from Macedonia to the Treblinka killing center, March 11, the Jewish community in the Republic of North Macedonia and the Holocaust Fund of the Jews of Macedonia are appalled and offended by the increasingly frequent anti-Semitic phenomena in the country.

“We think it is absolutely unacceptable, under the cover of “humor and satire”, to make fun of 6 million Jews who were victims of Nazism, of which 7,144 were Jews from Macedonia, and as was the case at the carnival in Strumica, where, among other masks, was the one with Hitler’s character. Such a mask is not in the spirit of the carnival and contradicts the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional character of Macedonia and the message “One society for all”. Such a mask raises the question of whether there is a place for us Jews in this country,” reads the Jewish Community’s press release.

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