Commission for Relations with Religious Communities does not know what TV channel Bishop Petaris planning to open


The Director of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups (CRRCG), DarijanSotirovski, when asked to comment on the opening of a television station by Bishop Petar, said that he expects him to soon introduce the public to the details of entering the media business.

“I have no position regarding the use of rights guaranteed by law in the country. At this time we do not have details of what concept has been observed. We have to see. We have no details yet. I expect the entity that received permits from the Media Agency to come out and meet the public, because it should broadcast a signal precisely for the public,” said Sotirovski in response to a media  question at the event on the occasion of the formation of the “Friendship Group” between the MOC-OA and the Islamic Religious Community (IRC).

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