Poll: Citizens gave Macedonian public healthcare a rating of 2


A solid 2 or 2.36 is the average rating that citizens gave to the quality of public healthcare on a scale of 1 to 5, according to the latest poll conducted by the Skopje Institute for Political Research for Detektor.
According to the poll, 29.9% of the respondents rated public healthcare with 1, evaluating the quality as very bad. In addition, 24.8% of the respondents rated it with 2 and 26.3% gave a rating of 3. Public health received a rating of 4 from 8.9% of the respondents, while 3.3% rated the quality of public healthcare with an excellent five.
What was interesting was that the citizens from the Skopje region rated the quality of healthcare as very poor, despite the fact that the largest healthcare facilities are located in the capital.

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