Professor Achkoska interrogated by the police for revealing details of a high school student’s death in a Facebook post


History Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, Violeta Achkoska, was called to the police station because of a Facebook post related to the death of a high school student.

“Today (March 16, 2023) an official interrogation was held with VA in the police station at the SVR Skopje, due to the stated information that a high school student was poisoned with drugs put in a drink, in a Facebook post. V.A. explained to the police that she had no information about such an event, but that she heard talks among the children, realized that she had made a mistake and deleted the post. In connection with the case, the Skopje Police Department will be notified to the Skopje PPO,” informs the Ministry of Interior.

A high school student from “Georgi Dimitrov” died a few days ago, unofficially as a result of drugs spiked drink in a cafe. However, the Ministry of Interior informed that the death of the 18-year-old occurred as a result of a fall from a height.

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