We will reveal the names of the companies that will not comply with the measures, says State Market Inspectorate head


The head of the State Market Inspectorate (SMI), Goran Trajkovski, told the traders that he will publicly reveal their names, if they do not respect the decisions of the Government, which should reduce the prices of bread, dairy products, and pasta. He reiterated that the Government’s decisions are correct and so far there have been no irregularities in the markets.

“So far, there has been a reduction in prices, more than 160 inspectors are in the field and we will come out with more detailed information during the day. I appeal, since there was a six-day period for traders to adapt, to do the same, because according to the Law on Trade, the sanctions are high from 800 to 10 thousand euros, and we as SMI without any selection will carry out the inspections to the end and according to the law” , said Trajkovski.

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