Experienced nurses from Kumanovo hospital were fired so that DUI staff can be hired in their place, says Petrushevski



DUIzation in Kumanovo! Four experienced nurses fired from work just because they are Macedonians, said Brane Petrushevski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE on Monday.

“In the Health Center in Kumanovo, an advertisement has been published for permanent hiring 10 nurses. The local SDS and DUI have agreed that 6 jobs will be DUI staff, and 4 SDS staff, who have already been working under contract for 4 years. The director appointed by DUI hires all 10 from the ranks of DUI, according to my sources, with 10 already solved, filled-out tests, because he thought that all 10 employees should be Albanian. After this event, the regional SDS head Tusevski resigned, and MP Kostovski is hiding. Now new and inexperienced nurses will vaccinate children and make home visits, while the experienced ones will sit at home without work, just because they are not from a DUI,” Petrushevski pointed out.

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