Actions to suppress large criminal groups throughout the country are underway, says Spasovski


It is precisely the fight against drug trafficking and arms trafficking that is one of the priorities in the fight against organized crime, and that is what we have been focusing on for the entire past period. Of course, the war waged by the Ministry of Interior together with the public prosecutor’s offices resulted in many cases in which we not only detected, but also broke up criminal groups aimed at selling drugs, said the Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski in an interview with Radio Free Europe, discussing the actions of the Ministry of Interior for suppression of illegal drug trade.
The biggest raid was on the territory of Skopje, in which there was a search in five locations and three people were arrested. Unfortunately, here we had a teacher who participates in an educational process, and the total value of the drugs that would reach the black market is about 500,000 euros of various narcotics: amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

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