After the hacker attack on the Parliament website, access only for domestic users


At a press briefing on Tuesday, Macedonian Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi informed that after the hacker attack on the parliamentary website, the situation is being monitored and indicated that for now only domestic users can access it. He pointed out that they found that attempts were made to hack the site from several foreign countries, but they could not determine specifically from which country.

“The situation is being monitored. The website of the Parliament can be accessed from anywhere, according to the principle that wherever you are in the world you want to enter. And the conclusion is that an attempt was made to enter from outside several places at the same time, that’s why the page is blocked. For now, I have no concrete knowledge from which country. And the solution was to block the access from outside, from abroad and let only the domestic ones be able to access. It is not possible to determine from which country, because the IP addresses change immediately and it is not possible to locate from which country,” said Speaker Xhaferi.

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