We set the time frame for EU negotiations ourselves, our plan is to be ready for membership in this decade


We will set the time frame ourselves, the EU will not pressure us to do something within a certain period, if we are not ready and do not accept it as an obligation. So, within the time frame that we will set, and it is in our interest that it be as soon as possible, we will fulfill those obligations. Our plan is to be ready for membership in the European Union by the end of this decade, said Deputy Prime Minister Bojan Marichikj about the Government’s expectations for the negotiation process with the EU.

The deputy PM added that after the completion of the screening in all clusters, which is expected to be in November this year, we will receive a report for each cluster.

“Based on that report, we will have to prepare documents for reforms. Let’s say, in the first cluster are those road signs that are mentioned, that should describe our obligations to membership in the European Union. Then as they open, we will have to fulfill the tasks and the progress will be noted,” Marichikj said.


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