Destruction of the Macedonian cultural heritage according to Artan Grubi


The DUI-SDS government proposes a scandalous amendment to the Law on the Protection of Cultural Heritage following an urgent procedure in order to speed up the realization of Artan Grubi’s Corridor 8. In this unreasonable legal fraud lies a great danger for the cultural heritage of Macedonia. Namely, the DUI places the construction of this corridor above the existing legislation on the protected cultural heritage. Thus, instead of the regulation prescribed by the Law in Article 65 (if the construction contractor comes to an archaeological site, he is obliged to immediately report it to the competent cultural institution for protection), the Government of DUI and SDS, after a short procedure, requests the insertion of a new paragraph in Article 65 which bypasses this procedure and specifically, article 129 which defines the procedure, said the VMRO-DPMNE Culture Commission on Sunday.
“During future construction activities, with the proposed amendments to the Law, it is envisaged that the competent institution for protection will simply be bypassed and that potential archaeological discoveries will be reported to the supervising engineer of Corridor 8, without emphasizing which engineer it is. He, the “supervising engineer”, will become the factor that will secure the archaeological findings and preserve the place and condition in which they were found,” said the commission.

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