No tax collection, debts are written off, and thieves stole their bills for hospitality services in the Arachinovo Municipality


Taxes and utility fees are still not paid in the municipality of Arachinovo. The even build without building permits. Money is spent without cover, and debts are written off that should be returned to the municipal treasury. In the latest report, the state auditors reveal a series of problems in the work of the Municipality.

The mayor of the Municipality of Arachinovo received an advance of MKD 200,000 from the municipal budget, but the debt was not paid back. Thieves entered the municipal building and stole only the fiscal bills for hospitality services.

Therefore, the Council decided in 2021 to write off the debt of the person who manages the Municipality, the state auditors reveal. In the first nine months of 2021, the Mayor of Arachinovo was Milikie Halimi, and in November and December, Ridvan Ibrahimi came to the position. In the report of the auditors, it is not precisely specified for which period this advance refers.


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