Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Saturday – the day between Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection


Today is Holy Saturday. Saturday means rest. Great Saturday is the day of rest, the day of the Deceased, the day of the Greatest Repose and the Greatest Deceased. Holy Saturday is the day between death and resurrection, between Friday and Easter, the day that unites crucifixion and joy.
The tomb of Christ is an important symbol on Holy Saturday – it is no ordinary grave because it does not represent a place of corruption, decay and defeat. It is life-giving, a source of power, victory and liberation.
Holy Saturday is the day between Jesus’ death and his resurrection. Many Orthodox churches contemplate the mystery of Jesus Christ’s descent into Hades, the world of the dead. According to the story of Christ’s death and resurrection, death is defeated from within. It is the day of watchful expectation when mourning is transformed into joy.

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