Gaspar: People with cystic fibrosis also struggle with stigmatization


People with cystic fibrosis, apart from the disease, are also at war with stigmatization, they have problems with employment, studies, and socialization. Everything would be different, with the provision of the necessary medicine, the president of the Cystic Fibrosis Association Fiki Gaspar points out in an interview with MIA news agency.
“I work in the private sector, I can organize my work responsibilities and that’s the only reason I can work. There are many, many others who are part of the Association and who cannot be employed. When you know that someone can be absent 15 working days out of 20 in a month and work 25 percent of the working time, who in the private sector can and will undertake to afford that? Studies are also a problem. Everything is a problem,” said Gaspar.

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