SSM to stage protest on May 1 Labor Day – The workers are the country


The Council of the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), following the proposal of the SSM Presidency, unanimously decided to organize a PROTEST ON MAY 1, the International Labor Day, under the motto WORKERS ARE THE COUNTRY.
“We urge our fraternal trade unions, to all workers and citizens (pensioners, bankrupt workers, unemployed, students) of this country, it is high time for them to join us and give us support, i.e. unreservedly join us in all the activities that on this plan we will undertake them in the next period.
It is impermissible in Macedonia for the officials to receive a 78% salary increase, while the workers get 0%.
It is impermissible that employees in the public sector do not have the right to vacation leave like their colleagues in the private sector.
It is impermissible to violate workers’ dignity and the right to decent working hours as a civilized benefit, by introducing a 60-hour work week in order to fulfill the wishes of bosses, officials and individuals,” reads the union’s press release.

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