No construction activities on Corridor 8 because there are no ready projects and permits, and the deadline for paying damages to Bechtel-Enka starts today, says Mickoski


It will not be long before we see construction activities on the ground because we heard from the Government that they are not ready and do not have projects, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, asked on his opinion after yesterday, instead of construction activities on the corridor 8, the Ministry of Transport and Communications only released a statement.

“The Labor Law has not been changed, the working week is 40 hours, not 60 as it is in the agreement, and the damages start from today. That is, EUR 53 million will have to be paid once to Bechtel-Enka, and then every month plus EUR 2 million. Why? Because someone decided to steal from you. And that’s why I call on the Macedonian public to stand against this historical crime, not a historical project,” Mickoski said.


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