Spasovski: Criminal charges will be filed against the group that sent hybrid threats


The Macedonian Ministry of Interior is preparing criminal charges against a group that falsely reported that there were bombs in schools, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said Monday. He pointed out that a group has been located for which the expert examination of the evidence is ongoing, and after the completion of the investigation appropriate criminal charges will be submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
“Yes, we have located a group, you know that several criminal charges for cyber security have been filed and we talked about it at today’s conference, right now we are working on expertizing the materials and confirming the evidence in order to file the criminal charges,” the Interior Minister said.
In the period from October to the beginning of this year, more than 300 false reports about planted explosives were sent, while from January to March, about 500 false reports were sent. Spasovski added that no new false reports of bombs have arrived in the past month.

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