Pavlovska-Daneva on Dameva’s dismissal – Now the Deputy PM can take away the PM’s right and lead the Government!


Law Professor Ana Pavlovska-Danevacommented on the controversial dismissal of the president of the Judicial Council VesnaDameva in a Facebook post. She was dismissed after her deputy initiated a vote to fire her. Seven members of the Council voted in favor of the dismissal, and her deputy, SelimAdemi, took over the leadership of the session.

“The vice-president of the Judicial Council took away the rights from the president of the Council and continued to lead the session, so he dismissed her contrary to the Law and Rules of Procedure. Everyone is silent! Tomorrow it may happen that the first (or second, third…) deputy prime minister takes away the prime minister’s rights and continues to lead the Government! Everyone will be silent again! He will also be flushed down the drain. It is important that their functions, lump sums, and fees remain intact,” said Pavlovska-Daneva in the post.


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