Jarevski to Grubi: Bechtel-Enka in Serbia participates in a tender with twice as cheap amounts


MP from the ransk of opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Toni Jarevski, reacted in a Facebook post to last night’s statement of First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, who claimed that the Bechtel-Enka consortium, which is supposed to build the highways on corridors 8 and 10d in Macedonia, worked under the same conditions in neighboring Serbia, calling the politician who comes from and is a member of the ruling DUI who is also the coordinator of the project – a “fake news factory”.

“The coordinator for suspicious tenders with an open suspicion of crime in the Government, Artan Grubi, is not only a money factory, but also a fake news factory. So he says that Bechtel and Enka are building a highway in Serbia under the same law.

But here’s what Grubi is not saying:

  1. In Serbia, Bechtel-Enka was chosen via tender, but was hired here directly, without a tender with a contract written behind closed doors.
  2. The highway with approximately the same length in Serbia is worth 750 million euros, in Macedonia the initial value with the same Bechtel-Enka is worth 1,350 billion euros.
  3. A kilometer of highway in Serbia from Bechtel-Enka is worth 7 million euros, in Macedonia 20 million euros.
  4. The supervising company hired in Serbia is a professional company, yet the supervising company in Macedonia is an underwear company with four employees.

VMRO-DPMNE is not opposed to the construction of a highway, on the contrary, the same highway for Corridor 8 was also in our election program, but we are against the robbery of the century as we are now in front of our eyes,” said Jarevski.


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