Grubi admitted that 100s of millions of euros in damages will be paid due to the harmful contract, VMRO-DPMNE has a plan to compensate for that, says Stoilkovski


The fact that Artan Grubi admires Aleksandar Vucic and the Republic of Serbia does not give him the right to change facts, manipulate and lie. First, Serbia called a tender for a highway for which Grubi compares the two contracts, and enabled expropriation and the so-called fast track for documents. But not a change of laws against the Constitution, it does not equate the legal with illegal constructions, there is no trampling on archaeological sites, and certainly NOT WITH DAMAGES of over 100 million euros! And of course, with a known route, with a known project, without trampling the laws on urban planning and construction, accused spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski on Monday.

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