‘EU flag’ procedure on the corridors draft bills is not justified, we ask for further explanations, says the EU


The delegation of the European Union in Skopje reacted expressly to the government’s decision to send the five draft laws on the corridors to the Parliament with a so-called “EU flag” procedure. In response to a question from the Sloboden Pechat daily newspaper, they said that in this case the placing of the European flag was not justified and that they requested additional explanations from the authorities.

“The marking of laws with the EU flag aims to help speed up the integration of North Macedonia into the EU and therefore should aim to harmonize the legislation with EU legislation and standards. In this case, the bills do not appear to address compliance with such standards. We have expressed our concerns to the national authorities and are seeking further clarifications,” reads the EU Delegation’s response when asked to comment on the government’s decision.


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