Janevska: Bullying is present in schools, but there’s no reaction to solve it


A year ago, VMRO-DPMNE offered the Government six commissions that would help it deal with certain problems, and one such commission was for education, but we did not receive a response from the Government and we perceived it as a negative response because our offered help was not accepted, said Vesna Janevska, head of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Education and Science in an interview with TV Sitel News.

Janevska stresses that bullying also exists in schools in Macedonia, but unfortunately it is being talked about now after the terrible tragedy in Serbia.

“We start discussions and debates in the media when a tragic event like in Serbia happens and when the consequences are terrible. Peer violence and bullying also existed in our country, but why we don’t pay attention is not a question for the opposition, but for the ruling party,” Janevska said.

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