State matriculation exam hangs in the balance – the SEC strike continues, the public is directed to ask questions about the matriculation exam to the MES


What we concluded in the days of the strike is that the one who works a lot in this country is not appreciated at all, what we saw is that the deputy prime minister and the ministers of finance and education offer the same unacceptable solutions as if they learned them by heart., said the State Examination Center on Thursday.

Our strike continues, said the president of the trade union organization of the State Examination Center, Emilija Boshkovska. She stressed that for the 30 employees, the state could not find a little money to raise the obscenely low salaries, and immediately, as the SEC head pointed out, she found a way with rebalancing to enable the receipt of official salaries increased by as much as 78 percent. The state graduation is in limbo.


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