Stojanche Angelov announces his resignation from the Government because it rejected the Law on Defenders


Stojanche Angelov announces his exit from the Government because the coalition led by SDSM and DUI rejected the law on defenders.

“We are extremely disappointed and outraged by the SDSM MPs who voted against the bill to amend the Law on Veterans a few days ago. SDSM has the opportunity to correct this great injustice that it inflicted on the Macedonian defenders since 2001 by making a government decision.

Therefore, at today’s press conference, we will once again request the Government to implement the initiative submitted by Dostoinstvo in December 2022 and to pass a Decision on fair compensation to fifteen families of fallen defenders, as well as thirty war invalids since 2001.

If our initiative is rejected, Dostoinstvo will reconsider its participation in the ruling coalition led by SDSM and DUI,” Stojanche Angelov said in a Facebook post.


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